We’ve Got The Triple Trap!

Triple Trap Systems


greasetrapEver clean up the pots and pans after a greasy meal and try your hardest to keep the grease from going down the drain because you know it isn’t good?

We encounter that everyday – not with pots and pans of course, but with engine oil, the antifreeze we collect from leaking engines, the runoff into the floor drains from the brake dust, engine cleaning emulsifiers, road salt, & grime from the melting snow off the cars.

What keeps all of that from getting into the drain and out into the sewer pipe is the ingenious “triple trap system”.

Yup – we have 2 such systems in our shop which are mandated  to be cleaned out (and documented) every 4 months –

Just thought you’d all like to know that – and maybe that’s why oil changes at shops like ours are a little bit more. Is your “Take to shop” playing by the rules?

To know more about Triple Trap Systems visit this link www.theplumbinginfo.com/plumbing-traps

Happy functioning & safe sanitary department to you!

For service questions, or to inspect our traps – give us a call!


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