Water leak? You might have “Cowl stuff-up!” or a clogged cowl drain

Got “Cowl Stuff-Up”?

Are you suffering from “cowl stuff up”? In other words, got a clogged cowl drain?

Clogged Cowl DrainHaving fogged up windows that won’t clear, wet carpeting, electrical issues? These sufferings may all be a result of the fresh air intake cowl area (where the wipers park) being plugged up with leaves and other same sorts.

Passenger compartment ventilation needs fresh air to maintain proper dehumidifying and circulation of air. If not – the same compartment air gets pulled and squeezed into the low pressure side of the blower via non-sealed seams of the heater case / box which results in restricted and incorrectly directed air flow.

Also – below this outside cowl and under hood firewall vicinity are water drain passages that need to flow freely or else water backs up and floods the interior foot well areas where electronic modules reside and carpeting is attached.

Many technical service bulletins (TSB’s) for many car models exist alerting both service technicians, and owners alike of potential issues of water entering the interior compartment by way of blocked water drains and non sealing areas.

Your “take to shop” should know to check and perform this simple maintenance procedure and should follow-up by passing along any documents or advice on this matter to you as the owner or driver.
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If you suspect clogged cowl drain in your vehicle, give us a call at (847) 381-6691

Steve Hollis

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