Torsion Struts gone wrong!

“Torsion Struts” gone wrong – no it’s not a made for TV movie title.
Torsion Struts Hollis Brothers Auto Repair Hollis Brothers Auto RepairAll cars have them in some designed way – whether your car has the unequal length control arm or the elaborate multi-link suspension design.

They’re what keep the front wheels held in their forefront position most always by means of a rubber bushing (for cushioning) at the anchoring point of the chassis!

Anyway, this bushing eventually weakens, tears, or (on the higher end European cars) leaks hydraulic fluid and causes excessive fore and aft movement of the front wheels.

This movement while driving at mid-range speeds causes a steering wheel vibration and a surging sensation that comes and goes with speed change – what also comes in most cases is a thud type noise and shudder feeling felt throughout the frontend over (even slight) bumps in the road.
To tell for themselves, I have my customers do the “brake tap” test – when slowing to a stop, tap the brakes quickly and repeatedly – if you hear or feel a distinct thudding from the front-end – that’s the torsion struts gone wrong issue!

To restore that tight responsive drive feeling again have your vehicle strut bushings checked – you’ll love and have that new car feel once again!
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