Sunroof Seal or Moonroof Seal? What’s it do?


Do you have a Sunroof Seal or Moonroof Seal? 😉

Sunroof SealThat seal surrounding the glass on your sliding roof is not designed to keep water out of your car but noise – wind noise!

What actually keeps water from entering the interior is this ingenious trough that frames and supports the sliding roof channel (or cassette as it is termed) located just an inch below the top surface of the roof and carries the water off via plastic tubing routed inside the “A” & “C” pillars of your vehicle.  It’s not the Sunroof Seal at all!

Look at this setup exactly as your home’s gutter system – have to keep the gutters or trough clean so the downspouts or drain piping can carry the water off – if not “overflows goes the gutter” and water everywhere – got the idea?
Well, your car manufacturer does get the idea and that’s why the service of cleaning and testing the drainage flow of your sliding roof’s water carry-off is a maintenance item that should be carried out at every other inspection especially now when we’ll be having them open more!

Does your “take to shop” get the idea?  Contact Steve & Dave Hollis if you need to get this repaired. (847) 381-6691

Happy maintained sliding roof system to you!

Moonroof SealAnd by the way, it’s a Sunroof Seal during the daytime, and a Moonroof Seal at night!

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