Should I change my car battery myself?

Should I change my car battery myself?

Much can go wrong when changing out the battery(s) in today’s cars – far from harmless as back in the day.

You see:  your “network car” (see last week’s blog) is still networking between modules after shutdown (for up to 45 Should I change my car battery?min on some cars)!

If power is removed or not sufficient enough during this digital communicating it becomes corrupted – that’s when the wrong happens!

Yup – the smart fuse boxes along with other modules become fatally damaged – all because the plug was pulled before it should’ve or an attempt was taken to start the car with a failing battery!

Anyway -all car manufactures have their own “End on-board electrical system functions” procedure to safely end the networking going on before a “battery disconnect” on their cars.

One more important reason that your “take to shop” should attend frequent training for the car you drive to keep updated on things like this – and to safeguard you from costly repairs – we do!

Happy Battery(ing) to you! – next week – how many batteries does your car have?  Can you guess?  Should I change my car battery 2.0!

Give a reply below this post and take a guess!

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