OE vs OEM does it matter?


I want to share our take on the parts issue of O.E. vs. O.E.M. (Original Equipment vs. Original Equipment Manufacturer).


OE vs OEMWe completely stopped using aftermarket parts, even the so called OEM ones since we committed working on European cars 12 years ago. Being a member of several Tech Groups and reading the woes of non O.E. parts failing prematurely, not fitting properly, and under performing was enough for us not to compromise safety and reliability on replacement parts for these cars!
OE vs OEM. Then I read an article from a Ronald Trochelmann who was an R&D engineer for Mercedes Benz in Germany. “When we would approach a manufacturer to make us a part, there was in every case a non-compete clause in the contract. They could NOT sell the same part to anyone else. They had to change something and the part had to be of inferior quality. So, brake discs have a different metallic composition and are tempered differently, that is why even the so called OEM ones warp.


Brake pads – same thing, different compounds, over or under size tolerances that cause squealing, mushy or rock hard brake pedal. This goes for everything. Does this not make sense??? If you were to hire someone to make you a widget, would you not make sure they could not sell that exact same widget to someone else? Of course you would, and so do the manufacturers.”
That being said – We won’t compromise – We use original factory parts on all guaranteed work.