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Satisfied clients are one way we know that Hollis Brothers is on track:

“Dave and Steve – Just wanted to say, ‘Thank You’ for your time, efforts & patience during the course of the project.  I enjoyed working and visiting each time at your facility and everyone made me feel welcome.  Keep up the Great Work.” ~ M.C.

 “Thank You!  Thank you for your help so many times! ” ~ M.M.

“Dave and Steve, I want to thank you for coming to my aid quickly and efficiently!  I can always count on your help.  Thanks for being there!” ~ S.D.

“Hollis Brothers – For too long my husband and I have walked by and sometimes through your attractive property – usually on Sunday – always commenting on your fine looking building and your lovely flowers.  It is about time we told you how good your building and flowers look.  I realize this will not help your business but perhaps it will help you feel brighter.  You have the most attractive looking property!” ~  A.G. & H.G

“Dear Dave & Steve, Great Service, much appreciated, until next time..   :)” ~ M.K.

“Steve, Dave and the team, Happy Holidays!  I wanted to drop a thank you note for all that you guys do to take care of my auto needs.  You folks go beyond in providing service with high ethical standards.  Truly appreciate it very much!” ~  N. M.

“Steve & Dave, From the first time I brought my car to your shop I had a sense of ease about it.  You were very open and honest about what needed to be done and more than fair with prices.  Most importantly, I felt like a part of the Hollis Bros. family.  I know that you have an extended family of loyal and satisfied customers.  I am pleased and proud to count myself as one.” ~  S.B.

“We have been using Dave & Steve (The Hollis Bros.) for years and would not go anywhere else.  They take the position that it is their car and you get to drive it.  Worked on my Volvo for 125k miles, serviced our Porsche and keep an old truck running at minimal expense.  They tell you what is wrong, what you really need to do and keep the cost down.  Drop the car off in the morning, go into the city and it is ready when I get back….and they keep the $$ local which means a lot in a small town.” ~ John A. (via Yelp)

“I’ve been using the expert services of Hollis Brothers for 20 years.  Their service is excellent, can accommodate emergency needs, employ a pleasant staff and although they may not be the least expensive around, they’ll repair your auto correctly.” ~ Bill B.  (via Yelp)

“It’s like a mom and pop operation except it’s two brothers. You feel like you’re in a small town somewhere when you walk in the door. They care about you and your car. They are friendly. They know what they’re doing. And they fix it right the first time… Go to the Hollis Brothers. You won’t regret it.” ~ Robert A. (via Yelp)

See what we mean?  If you’ve experienced the Hollis Hospitality, feel free to write your comments below!



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4 thoughts on “Reviews

  • Tim White

    Steve & Dave are always gracious with their time, effort and energy! The passion they have to treat each customer well is obvious even after 40 years in business! It’s amazing – you’ll truly appreciate their passion!

  • Micki

    Written November 9, 2014

    HOLLIS BROTHERS is my new “Forever” auto repair shop.

    I’ve been driving for over 40 years and have owned numerous cars and seen numerous repair shops. So I know that everyone at HOLLIS BROTHERS that I met, Dave, Mike, and Mike, are very friendly, upbeat, energetic, healthy and the most accommodating people I have ever met in the auto repair industry. I brought my car in, they drove me home. When my car was ready, they picked me up.

    2006 MINI Cooper (not S). I went to the dealership to have my car checked for any needed repairs. They told me that I needed to have a power steering fluid line replaced due to a leak, rear brakes, and 4 tires. Since there is no warranty on my car any more, I decided to go to an independent repair shop, HOLLIS BROTHERS, to compare prices for the power steering fluid line replacement.

    Well, lo and behold, HOLLIS BROTHERS told me I didn’t need the power steering fluid line replaced. What a relief and saved $360.00 for something that didn’t need to be done.

    HOLLIS BROTHERS quoted the brake job, and the cost was $100.00 less than the dealership price. The final cost was $180.00 less than their own quoted price. So I saved $280.00, total, for brakes. HOLLIS BROTHERS included replacement of front and rear brake fluid, sanded and cleaned rear hubs before installing the new discs. I know the dealership would not been as thorough.

    HOLLIS BROTHERS will be replacing my 4 tires with a savings of $180.00 over the dealership price. Same tires as the dealership and that are on the car now. HOLLIS BROTHERS also price matched the tires compared to a Tire place. However, I didn’t write down the savings for that so there is an additional savings over the $180.00 savings from the dealership.

    HOLLIS BROTHERS is my new “Forever” auto repair shop. They’re honest, price match, bring me home and pick me up when my car is being serviced and every time I call, they are always friendly and treat you as though you are their only concern.

  • Brian G.

    Hollis Brothers have performed a variety of work for me on multiple BMWs both new and old… It’s refreshing to find a auto technician and mechanic team that is trust worthy, knows all models of BMW and Mercedes well, and who can fix the problem the first time with reasonable rates. They are located across the street from the Barrington train station and the Barrington downtown Starbucks. Overall, Steve, Dave, and their team provide a pleasant car repair and maintenance experience.

  • Brian

    The Hollis Brother know BMWs and Mercedes, Steve and his tech team treat your German car as its their own and take tremendous care when performing maintenance and repairs. Vehicle always is return in great operating condition and clean. Highly recommend their services.
    I wish German cars were more reliable, but if you enjoy driving German cars,Hollis Brothers needs to be added to your mobile phone address book. This tech crew is terrific and Dave does a great job with customer experience.