Hitting the hooks – Brake Assist System

Hitting the hooks – Brake Assist System

Brake Assist SystemBrake Assist® System (BAS) developed and patented by MBZ and fitted on most of their cars way back in 1998 was the breakthrough in keeping the antilock system as a viable benefit in emergency stops.

You see: folks were still pumping the brake pedal in slippery road conditions instead of letting the ABS do it and rendered the system useless. In fact General Motors several years back took ABS off as standard equipment due to its ineffectiveness!
BAS detects how fast the brake pedal is applied and takes over applying the brake pedal steadily (no matter what the driver does with it) until all four wheels are turning the same speed.
Same with panic stops – this system will apply that brake pedal harder and faster than the driver ever could, it applies the transmission’s torque converter clutch to be on a 1:1 turning ratio with engine, and downshifts the transmission for optimal engine breaking to stop the car.

Been there once or twice with this – you hear and feel the power train drowning down and the chassis systems digging those hooks and feeling this incredible deceleration witch all working together brings you unbelievably to a stop.

BTW – For years now MBZ has released this patent and hundreds of others pertaining to safety to other car manufacturers – so we all can benefit!
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