Got Passive Entry? Keyless entry systems have evolved.

Got passive entry?  Keyless entry systems have evolved.


Keyless EntryWith key fob in pocket or purse, just a mere touch of your fingers on the door handle now unlocks and (unknowingly) pushes open the car door in an instant!

Unlike its predecessor (keyless entry), of having to locate your grip onto a fixed switch in the handle and then for heaven’s sake having to pull the door open by your own strength!

Yup – it’s one of the many convenience features on today’s cars but the underlying pretense of many of these features is safety and anti-theft.

In fact transponder-based car immobilization systems have helped reduce car theft by more than 90% since they were first introduced to the market.

This newer system uses up the key fob’s battery power more rapidly due to the door handle antennas continuously sending out a “challenge” signal to the key fob from as far as 3 feet away. If the “challenge” is met, the fob will respond to the door lock receiver via RF signal.

Not to worry – the car’s central information display (CID) now informs the driver by a displayed message that the batteries need changing –

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