Got DISA (Differentiated Intake System Actuator)?

Got DISA (Differentiated Intake System Actuator)?


Differentiated Intake System ActuatorBeginning in 1999 up to 2006 BMW’s equipped with the 6cyl M52TU, M54, & M56 engines have this Differentiated Intake System Actuator (DISA) fitted to the intake manifold to help produce more torque from the engine at different RPM ranges.

What can happen is over time, but mostly from use (mileage), a metal pin holding the rotating vane in place has the impending incidence of coming unfastened and getting inhaled into an intake port.

The pin can then lodge itself in between the valve and valve seats of the cylinder head thus damaging them and resulting in low or no compression of that cylinder.

A trained & attentive technician familiar with these engines would at anytime recognize the rattling of a loose valve flap from within the manifold and has the potential of averting an expensive engine repair and much inconvenience to the owner simply by alerting the driver to the situation at hand.
All said and done – it’s the smart car owner that takes their car to a shop that specializes and has specific training in the vehicle they drive – ask your shop for their training (not general certifications) credentials for the car you drive!

Don’t let your DISA get into trouble!

Steve Hollis.

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