Got Additional Fan? Belt Driven Engine Cooling Fan…

Got Additional Fan?  Belt Driven Engine Cooling Fan…

Cars with belt Belt Driven Engine Cooling Fandriven engine cooling fans usually have an additional fan to aid in cooling the A/C condenser and the engine’s radiator by sustaining the air flow thru them.

It can be a “pusher” (mounted in front of the radiator) or a “suction” fan (mounted behind the radiator)  – either way they’re always electric and are basically commanded on when the primary fan can’t maintain the engine’s determined operating temperature.

This is typically due to prolonged idling such as being in congested traffic.

Yup – most car owners don’t know they have one let alone if it works – especially on cars not having a temperature gauge!

There isn’t any warning light or message cautioning the driver this fan isn’t working, only the infamous overheating indicator coming on while stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and no where to pull off – but that’s when it’s too late.

The tip off of a non-functioning auxiliary fan is when the air-conditioning blows warm when traveling in slow traffic but functions normally at cruising speeds.
Anyway – this system is included in the “Functional Check” of the BMW Inspection 1 and 2 and the MBZ Service A and B –

Is your “Take to Shop” following the Functional Check of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule?  Give us a call at (847) 381-6691.

A Belt Driven Engine Cooling Fan ARE a big deal – especially with summer around the corner!

Happy maintained engine temperature and cold air conditioning at all times to you!

Steve Hollis

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