Get your vehicle ready for the Winter!

Getting your vehicle ready for winterEven though it doesn’t feel like Winter yet (and it’s early December), the change in weather creates a need to make sure your vehicle isn’t caught in a crisis mode during the worst of the season.

ASE (Automotive Service Excellence), which is our high standard at Hollis Brothers, gives some great pointers on getting your vehicle ready for winter.

  • Get your vehicle on a regular service schedule at your auto repair shop.
  • Take care of engine issues now.
  • Replace filters before the weather turns nasty!
  • Fuel deicer is beneficial before you get to those sub zero temps!
  • Change oil and filter before the weather changes.
  • Flush and refill the cooling system.
  • Get the heater and defroster check.  Cause nothing is worse than cold inside AND outside!
  • Inspect wiper blades, battery, lights and bulbs, tires, brakes, exhaust and transmission.
  • Vehicle Emergency KitCarry an Emergency Kit in your car.

More can be found at ASE’s site here.

If getting all this done seems overwhelming – take these issues to us!  Call for an appointment 847-381-6691

Have a great Holiday season and drive safe!

Dave & Steve Hollis

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