Future of Diesel Engine not looking good…

Future of the Diesel Engine not looking good!

Diesel EngineMost of us have heard by now of the “Blue Tec” diesel engine that European auto makers are using to meet the EPA’s stringent particulate and NOx emission regulations and to freshen up the once looked upon smelly and dirty diesel engine.

Scientists are discovering that the particulates that are being trapped and downsized inside the particulate catalyst is doing too good of a job!

These micro dust particles are so small now that they are getting past our bodes natural filtering systems and imbedding themselves into our lung passages and being absorbed into our blood systems!
Besides that, refineries can’t keep pace with the demand for this fuel and have issued warnings of extreme shortages to industries that rely on this fuel.

In fact Union Pacific had announced months ago that they will be converting their entire fleet of diesel locomotives to natural gas.
To be continued…..

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