Extended Warranty for BMW a good thing!

Extended Warranty for BMW – a good thing

Extended Warranty for BMWFACT: Persons earning an income of $250,000 or more.   That’s the person BMW markets to in buying (not leasing) their vehicles.

That being said – If your vehicle is coming off the manufacturer’s warranty and you’re considering buying it, should you extend the warranty?

The answer is YES especially if you fall below the marketing income bracket these vehicles are intended for!

Even though a significant policy will cost you in the range of $4000, it will give you the means and peace of mind of having your vehicle repaired at a highly trained specialized shop.

That can save you money from repeated repair claims (resulting in multiple deductible payments) by using the shop’s knowledge of what else goes along with specific repairs.

Ask your “take to” shop for their credentials of the car you drive.  Extended Warranty for BMW – is a VERY good thing.

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