Can I go that long between an oil change?

How long should I wait to get an oil change?

hollis brothers auto oil changeThe most frequent question I’m asked by someone who has just purchased a new vehicle is “Can I go that long between a oil changes?”  You might be surprised.

“That long” meaning the manufacturer’s recommended oil replacement intervals.


On late model BMW’s that can be up to 15,000 miles or 2 years between a change.

This is a widely debated issue on many tech sites with the consensus being that no one has proven that following the recommended intervals set by car manufactures cause premature emission and engine mechanical problems.

From my experience of seeing cars whose owners follow the full oil change interval period (more so than not) using factory O.E. oil filter and factory oil specification, I see no more of the common engine and emission pattern failures (that are associated with certain vehicles) on those engines than those that get more frequent oil changes

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The forum is BIMMERPOST, the ultimate BMW forum and  knowledge base.  Other topics include Engines, Wheels, Suspensions, Maintenance and Repair.

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