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Battery registration – what does this mean?

bmw battery registrationAs of now only 2 car manufacturers have a battery registration process which implements precise battery maintaining strategies to the particular type (lead acid, VRLA / valve regulated lead acid – aka AGM) and capacity battery installed.  The two manufacturers are Audi and BMW.
A lead acid battery can be maintained at a more aggressive pace than the newer type AGM, which requires a slower maintaining pace.
An important point to consider is that your car’s alternator is not designed as a battery charger but as a battery maintainer.

By exceeding the normal service life and/or having a smaller capacity battery i.e. not having the correct Ah (ampere hour) rating, you are now subjecting your vehicle’s alternator to work harder (more heat) than it’s designed.  This consequently results in premature failure among other electrical issues.
This concern pertains exactly to a vehicle that constantly (or even on a single occurrence) has a dead battery after sitting for several hours either from something being left on or a module staying awake, then jump starting (that’ll be a future topic) the car and letting the alternator charge the battery.

Even the Factory RMFD alternators we install come with a warning label stating that the warranty of that alternator will be void if the vehicle it’s installed on does not have a fully charged battery – just that one charging spree they’re saying is shortening the life of it!

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