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Spark plug “Indexing”?

Spark plug “Indexing”? If your engine has Direct Injection (DI) you should absolutely be having “Factory” original equipment spark plugs being installed at their recommended intervals. Why? – Aftermarket and or “OEM” plugs are not manufactured to the precise specifications as the “factory original equipment” are. To avoid piston damage […]

Spark Plug Indexing

Getting your vehicle ready for winter

Get your vehicle ready for the Winter!

Even though it doesn’t feel like Winter yet (and it’s early December), the change in weather creates a need to make sure your vehicle isn’t caught in a crisis mode during the worst of the season. ASE (Automotive Service Excellence), which is our high standard at Hollis Brothers, gives some […]

Battery Registration? – good auto repair advice

Battery registration – what does this mean? As of now only 2 car manufacturers have a battery registration process which implements precise battery maintaining strategies to the particular type (lead acid, VRLA / valve regulated lead acid – aka AGM) and capacity battery installed.  The two manufacturers are Audi and […]

bmw battery registration