Want to change to conventional tires? Think twice…

Want to change to conventional tires? Think twice… Thinking about opting out from run flats to conventional tires? Technically by doing so the handling dynamics that are engineered into your vehicle’s chassis is being compromised. The selected tire type is the first building block that engineers use to build and […]

Changing Tires?

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Torsion Struts gone wrong!

“Torsion Struts” gone wrong – no it’s not a made for TV movie title. All cars have them in some designed way – whether your car has the unequal length control arm or the elaborate multi-link suspension design. They’re what keep the front wheels held in their forefront position most […]

Got BMW Coolant Pump Failure?

BMW Coolant Pump Failure. BMW cars (model year 2006 or later) equipped with the N51, N52 & N54 (New generation 6 cylinder) engines have electric coolant pumps that are failing with as little as 45,000 miles on the clock. With the absence of a temperature gauge on these later model […]

BMW Coolant Pump

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Can I go that long between an oil change?

How long should I wait to get an oil change? The most frequent question I’m asked by someone who has just purchased a new vehicle is “Can I go that long between a oil changes?”  You might be surprised. “That long” meaning the manufacturer’s recommended oil replacement intervals.   On late […]